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Keep Your Tree Healthy in the Heat

It is one of the hottest days of the year here in Portland and so you need to know how to keep your trees healthy in the heat.  Trees grow through the process of photosynthesis, a scientific process that turns the energy from the sun into food for plants requiring three elements:  sunlight, carbon dioxide […]

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Arbor Day 2015

Today is National Arbor Day so let’s celebrate the importance of trees!  Arbor Day was founded back in 1872 by J. Sterling Morton with a simple idea – set aside a special day for tree planting. If you are looking for inspiration for your own celebration, whether for a classroom or an entire community, here […]

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How to Prevent Tree Damage

Every year trees cause incredible damage to people and property. In the most tragic of situations, trees even cause death. This occurred last winter when a tree fell into a house and killed a woman.  What makes this incident particularly sad is that it could have been prevented. Authorities believe the tree fell due to decay […]

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Trees Make Your Life Better

American Forests announces the 10 best cities for urban forests and Portland makes the list. See the full list here: Why does it matter?    Trees make your life better. Some benefits of trees are obvious: shade from the sun, habitat for wildlife, windbreaks, attractive landscaping, glare and reflection reduction, and sources of some […]

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Winter Tips for Tree Maintenance

Winter brings extra stress on trees and agriculture every year. Whether the cold season is mild or severe, it’s smart to plan ahead and take the necessary steps to keep your trees as strong and healthy as possible. Don’t assume that your trees are hibernating through the icy winds, snow, ice and freezing temperatures. If […]

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Turning Deadwood into Firewood

If you have a dead tree in your yard, it is time to cut it down.   Dead wood can be used for firewood or wood chips but make sure you dry it first. When drying your wood, the goal should be 20% moisture content.  You can check the moisture level by using a moisture […]

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Diseases and Pests

Even well-tended trees are susceptible to diseases and pests. These articles provide tips that will help you recognize common tree defects and infestations, and recommend treatment options, such as a comprehensive plant health care program. Common Diseases Diseases are common plant problems in the landscape. Often, it can be difficult to identify diseases because the […]

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Tree Removal Made Easy

Trying to take care of tree removal by yourself can be quite a feat, whether it’s a stump, an eyesore, or a sick tree. Not only does it take a good deal of strength, time and effort, it also requires tools and machinery that not everyone has stored in their garage. These days it’s all […]

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Wood Chippers

Looking to get rid of the brush or wood pile in your backyard? For many homeowners, the easiest option is to utilize a wood chipper – a machine that reduces wood and brush down to chips and scraps that can be used elsewhere in your landscape. But it’s key to note that operating wood chippers […]

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Stump Grinding Services

What remains after a tree has been properly removed is the unsightly stump. And if you have a stump on your property, then you’re probably ready to get rid of it. The most popular removal method is stump grinding. A stump grinder is a machine that removes tree stumps by chipping away the wood via […]

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