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Keep Your Tree Healthy in the Heat

It is one of the hottest days of the year here in Portland and so you need to know how to keep your trees healthy in the heat.  Trees grow through the process of photosynthesis, a scientific process that turns the energy from the sun into food for plants requiring three elements:  sunlight, carbon dioxide […]

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Turning Deadwood into Firewood

If you have a dead tree in your yard, it is time to cut it down.   Dead wood can be used for firewood or wood chips but make sure you dry it first. When drying your wood, the goal should be 20% moisture content.  You can check the moisture level by using a moisture […]

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Stump Grinding Services

What remains after a tree has been properly removed is the unsightly stump. And if you have a stump on your property, then you’re probably ready to get rid of it. The most popular removal method is stump grinding. A stump grinder is a machine that removes tree stumps by chipping away the wood via […]

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Emergency Tree Services

Dan N Sons Tree Services provides free estimates and 24/7 Emergency Tree Services. Call us today if you need assistance at 503-684-4199. We treat our customers like we expect to be treated . . . at a very high level of service . . . Professional, Courteous, Honest and Sincere.  We put ourselves in your […]

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Stump Grinding Benefits

Everyone wants a great looking yard.  Stump grinding after a tree has been removed helps ensure a clean and most importantly, reusable appearance. Here are 4 benefits of stump grinding: It is fast. Tree stump grinding eliminates many of the problems associated with traditional stump removal methods and completes the job in a fraction of […]

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