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Trying to take care of tree removal by yourself can be quite a feat, whether it’s a stump, an eyesore, or a sick tree. Not only does it take a good deal of strength, time and effort, it also requires tools and machinery that not everyone has stored in their garage. These days it’s all about DIY and taking hard projects into your own hands. Just look on YouTube and you will see hundreds of videos documenting how unprofessional tree removal can go wrong. It may give you a good laugh, but it surely was a headache for the person whose roof or car was destroyed!

Here at Dan N Sons, we are very concerned with safety and preventing unnecessary tree removal accidents from happening. That is why we have put together some ways that you can plan and prepare for tree removal, while being safe and efficient.

First, stay up to date on how your trees are doing. Doing a thorough inspection yourself at least once a year, will help you maintain your trees and cut down on costs when the tree needs a “doctor”. Trees are always changing and growing, like all living things, so it is important that you keep your eye out for the bad changes. Look for uncharacteristic branch and leaf shedding, dead leaves when they should be growing, and cracks or breaks in the trunk or branches. These signs tell you to look further into possible disease, as a healthy tree has an abundance of vibrant leaves and strong branches to support the growth. If you can’t figure out why your tree is unhealthy, call Dan N Sons for more information and a free estimate.

Next, some trees are easier to remove yourself than others. If your tree is less than 20 feet tall and the diameter is less than 10 inches, then you most likely will be able to remove it yourself. Anything bigger and you should contact a professional. When removing the tree, observe if there are any obstacles that could be harmed by the removal of the tree. Trees often meet with wires around your home and could affect their functionality if you assume “it will all work out right”. That will most likely lead to broken overhead wires and unsafe conditions for you and your family. Also be aware of other landscape, vehicles, buildings and fences that the tree could damage if it fell the wrong way.

When getting ready to cut the tree down, remove as many branches as you can before felling the tree. This will make for a much easier removal process. When you cut into the tree, chop a v-notch facing the direction that you want the tree to fall. You will also need to make a “back cut” on the other side of the tree, and it should be about 2 inches above and on the opposite side of the original v-notch. The tree should fall in the intended direction when the correct steps are taken.

Lastly, the most important advice we can give you as a home and tree owner is for you to know when to consult a professional. Whether you just need advice, an estimate or the work done for you, talking to someone with extensive experience in tree removal will save you countless hours and thousands of dollars. Most likely when people try to remove trees on their own, they will end up with a bigger project when things go wrong and the tree or stump doesn’t comply. With over 23 years of experience, Dan N Sons can answer any questions you may have and help you to safely remove your tree.

We want to help you save time and money, but also keep you and your family safe from any tree removal mishaps! Call us today for a quote on your tree or stump removal project.  (503) 684-4199

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