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Winter Tips for Tree Maintenance

Winter brings extra stress on trees and agriculture every year. Whether the cold season is mild or severe, it’s smart to plan ahead and take the necessary steps to keep your trees as strong and healthy as possible. Don’t assume that your trees are hibernating through the icy winds, snow, ice and freezing temperatures. If you treat your trees well in the winter, you will have healthier, more vibrant trees in the spring. Here are some tips to help you be the goalkeeper between your home’s trees and Mother Nature.

  1. Don’t forget to water. Winter is often thought of as a wet period, but often there can be long periods of dry, cold weather. This means your trees still need watering. Continue to water your trees in a winter drought just as you would during a summer drought. Just make sure that when you water them, do it as temperatures permit. It would be counter-productive to water the trees when it is below freezing.
  2. Take care of your pruning. The cold season is an ideal time to prune your trees, because the branches are better exposed and you can really see the structure. Don’t prune healthy, living branches, but focus on deadwood and branches that are in precarious positions. Doing this in the winter will save you time when the weather gets better and you will have healthier trees in Spring.
  3. Place mulch before it’s too late. The best time to lay down a good layer of composted organic mulch is in late fall or early winter. Doing this will help to keep out the cold that can hurt your trees roots. Think of the mulch layer as a blanket keeping your tree’s “feet” warm in the winter.
  4. Be mindful of possible breakage. Winter is a prime time for branches to break off of your trees. It’s not just due to the extra weight of ice and snow, but also because wood will harden, becoming weaker and susceptible to strong winds. To prevent bad breaks and damage to your tree and property, prune early in the winter or when the tree becomes bare in late fall. Specifically, if you have a branch that is shaped like a deep “V”, prune one of the legs and it will help protect the tree from breakages.

We hope you find these tips useful for your winter tree maintenance. Remember, happy trees in the winter, make for even happier trees in the spring.

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